Who Are We?

Everlasting Agriculture Management Pty Ltd is an Orchard and Nursery Contractor that was established in Victoria in 2004. Our service is to manage and to perform the operational works of orchards and nurseries. The operational works include pruning, thinning and harvesting of fruits such as apples, nashi, pears, stonefruits, grapes, cherry, oranges and many others.

In recent years, Everlasting Agriculture Management Pty Ltd has started to expand our harvest services to New South Wales regional areas. The keys to our successful growth are our reliability and our commitment to orchards and nurseries satisfaction. Thus, our company has dealt and built a strong relationship with many reputable orchards and nurseries in Victoria and New South Wales. Some of these orchards and nurseries are Plunkett Orchards, Bunbartha Fruit Packers Pty Ltd, Geofrey Thompson Orchards, Turnbull Brothers Orchards, Montague Fresh and F.J. Lenne Pty Ltd. Likewise, we have also built a strong bond with local accommodation providers in order to provide our workers with an economical accommodation.

Everlasting Agriculture Management Pty Ltd is an 100% Australian owned company.

Management of EAM

- Raymond Pua (Director)
- Tim Chia (Operations Manager)
- Hawk Pua and Adeline (Recruitment Officers)

About Us

We specialise in providing quality management and supervision work required for pruning, thinning and harvesting tasks.

We are an 100% Australian owned company!